I have to rant kinda I’m so sorry

So, I love lots of things, I mean I’m a fangirl come on. One of my newest loves has to be 5 Seconds of Summer though; they make pretty darn incredible and unique music, they seem to be amazing people and they’re so dedicated to their work and lovely to their fans. 

But when these guys seem to be getting upset or are feeling down (I obviously do not know for sure, but I follow all four of them on Twitter and they seem kinda down) it reminds me and other people I know that they are human too. They are these incredible musicians who tour the world with big bands, living their dream, and I am so so sooo incredibly happy that they get the opportunity to do that, you can see it in their live performances how happy they are, it’s wonderful. But, because they are human, they need breaks too guys. I just can’t help but notice (and no, I am not calling out anyone specifically.) that all some people are concerned with are when the guys are doing their next signing or meet and greet, or getting follows or being noticed by them. That would have to get pretty tiring, I know it could bother me. 

I guess what I’m saying, and this goes for any band or musician or whatever, I just wish that people would, I don’t know, act more normal? That’s not the right word. Take it easy, I guess? They can’t reply to everyone, meet everyone, follow everyone. It doesn’t work. They aren’t superheroes (even if, like in 5SOS’s case they dressed up like them), so don’t expect them to be able to act like one. 

I’m terribly, truly sorry if this struck a wrong chord with anybody but I had to get this out in hopes that someone else will feel the way I do. Musicians, any of you big or small, keep doing what you do, because music is beautiful, and thank you. :) 

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